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Delving into My Left Brain

I am artistic, intuitive, imaginative, creative, musical, empathetic, spiritual, sensitive, and a lot of other things that would typically land me in the category of a "Right-Brained" individual. While I do feel that each of us trends more toward one category or the other, I do not believe that it is an either/or situation. My belief is that everyone is capable of developing both sides of the brain and may even be able to excel as "Brain-Ambidextrous."

Creating this website is certainly putting this theory to the test. While I consider myself an intelligent and educated individual, I do not excel in advanced mathematics (I literally have a phobia towards algebra and calculus, and the word 'equation' sends chills up my spine!) Web development, coding, electronic engineering, and linear thinking are not particularly in my wheelhouse either. My brain is constantly in multi-tasking mode which thankfully, I am very good at. So that being said, I have been struggling to get this site of mine up and running properly. I am determined to do it (I love a good challenge) but I also do not want it to be weeks if not months until it is complete so I am completely open to calling in the pros if need be.

I have spent the past three weeks scanning, resizing, and watermarking the images of my artwork. Today I uploaded a majority of my artwork to the site and so far all seems to be working somewhat smoothly. I have yet to master linking buttons to perform various functions so there has been a lot of time spent watching Wix tutorials. The good news is that I am flexing those left-brain muscles and strengthening all those nerve fibers that connect both sides of the brain, all while conquering some of my fears. My goal is to produce a beautiful and interesting site for you to come and enjoy viewing my work, make it easy as possible to purchase existing works, commission new pieces, and want to come back to visit often. Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions and subscribe to keep updated on any new editions to the gallery, news about upcoming shows and exhibits and future blog posts.

Warmest regards,


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