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“Blended Family”

This Painting depicts the strength, growth and courage it took to build our 'Famtourage'.

We have been broken, we have been bent, we have grown together into our beautiful blended family. ~Tami Kidd-Brown

I wanted to share this diptych that I painted earlier this year. I gave it the title Blended Family and it is truly my inspiration behind starting this ‘Famtourage’ blog.

The left side of the painting represents me and my family and the right side represents my ex, his wife and their son.

At the base of both trees you will notice hot embers deeply rooted and coming out of the ashes. This area represents the pain, anger and volatile nature of the divorce.

Slightly above that point you will notice the trunks beginning to bend as our families worked and struggled to figure out how to co-exist and be the best parents we could be to our children by being the best respectful adults we could be to each other.

Olive Branches were extended

A few years into the process as we each had children with our new spouses, olive branches were extended, our families grew closer and stronger, and the branches began to intertwine.

Through the process of years of working together as a team, allowing ourselves forgiveness, grace, respect and ultimately appreciation for one another, our tree blossomed and bloomed just as our genuine friendship has. The yellow blossoms on the trees represent each member of our immediate blended family.

I have future plans to add blossoms of another color for all of the additions to the family.

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