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Sharing a Dance

Llamas, Fishing Poles And a Wedding On August 30, 2019, We gathered our Famtourage together to celebrate the wedding of our second son Je and his new bride S. My husband C had the honor of marrying them. The day started with Mimosas and pastries in the brides room and coffee, donuts and I suspect a little Jack Daniels in the grooms room (which was actually C & my suite.) Mimosas After sending the bridal party off to the venue for a “First Look” and photo’s, we parents got ou

If I Had a Dollar…

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me about my blended family, I would have had a really nice pair of shoes. Shoe Obsession: Women and Their Shoes It never seems to fail that when our Famtourage is out and about, someone will come over to inquire about our crazy crew. This was especially true in the beginning when the boys were very young and the soccer fields took over our lives most every weekend. The four of us parents would be sitting there cheering them on a

Walking on Eggshells

“It was a difficult and awkward time“ There are times in our Famtourage that life is fun and easy. There are also those times when I (we all) struggle to keep everyone happy. In a group the size of our clan, this can prove to be challenging. I have used the term ‘Walking on Eggshells’ to describe different situations I have been in. In the beginning, before I had met C and the separation and divorce was still new, I wasn’t alwa

“Blended Family”

We have been broken, we have been bent, we have grown together into our beautiful blended family. ~Tami Kidd-Brown I wanted to share this diptych that I painted earlier this year. I gave it the title Blended Family and it is truly my inspiration behind starting this ‘Famtourage’ blog. The left side of the painting represents me and my family and the right side represents my ex, his wife and their son. At the base of both tree

Meet Our Family

St. Paddy’s Celebration with the gang Clockwise from the left S, Je, ‘Big J’, my mom a.k.a. ‘Nana’, Auntie P, me, D, R & K (not pictured J & E) So, here is the rundown of our crazy cool family. There is C and I (married for 21 years this Sat.) Together we have our 17 year old daughter Ry, and C has been ‘Bonus Dad’ to our 3 sons J (33), Je (31) and D (28) since they were 6, 9 & 11. The Siblings Ry, Ja, D, J & Je Next on the team you have “Big J” (my Ex-husband) and his wife

Welcome to our Famtourage

‘Being in a blended family can be challenging I’m not going to lie, but when you take the time and care that it needs to get it right, it can be so rewarding.‘ Why blog about it? My hope is that by sharing what works and doesn’t work for my own famtourage, I can possibly help other blended families be successful with theirs. To give others an inside look at the dynamics of our unusually close blended family. My husband C and me, our oldest son J, bonus mom R and my ex-husband

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