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Welcome to our Famtourage

Being in a blended family can be challenging I’m not going to lie, but when you take the time and care that it needs to get it right, it can be so rewarding.

Why blog about it?

  1. My hope is that by sharing what works and doesn’t work for my own famtourage, I can possibly help other blended families be successful with theirs.

  2. To give others an inside look at the dynamics of our unusually close blended family.

My husband C and me, our oldest son J, bonus mom R and my ex-husband Big J

Without getting into personal details of my divorce over 25 years ago I want you to know that even under the most trying and painful circumstances we were all able to come together and make the best life possible for our children.

I look forward to getting to know all of you and hearing about your successes and failures with your blended family. I welcome your comments and feedback.

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