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Meet Our Family

St. Paddy’s Celebration with the gang Clockwise from the left S, Je, ‘Big J’, my mom a.k.a. ‘Nana’, Auntie P, me, D, R & K (not pictured J & E)

So, here is the rundown of our crazy cool family. There is C and I (married for 21 years this Sat.)

Together we have our 17 year old daughter Ry, and C has been ‘Bonus Dad’ to our 3 sons J (33), Je (31) and D (28) since they were 6, 9 & 11.

The Siblings Ry, Ja, D, J & Je

Next on the team you have “Big J” (my Ex-husband) and his wife R who has been ‘Bonus Mom’ to our sons since they were 2, 5 & 7. Together they have a son named Ja (21). Although Ja and Ry do not share any blood relation, they have grown up together and have always considered each other siblings in some sort of fashion.

3 years ago we welcomed our daughter-in-law E to the family and just this past December, our 1st grandson together as co-grandparents.

Next month on 8/30/19 we are excited to welcome another daughter-in-law into the family as our son Je weds his love S.

R and I will be working together with S’s family to ‘shower’ her this weekend.

image 0

More on our Famtourage gatherings coming soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment.

Note: I have left actual names out to protect the privacy of family members. Here is the Code:

C = my husband

Big J = my ex-husband

R = my ex’s wife

J= 1st born son

Je=2nd born son

D=3rd born son

Ry=C & my daughter

Ja=Ex & wifes son

Nana=My mom

E= daughter-in-law

S=soon to be daughter-in-law

K=youngest sons significant other


P=Pat (Honorary Aunt)

Our Crazy, Wonderful, Blended Family

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