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If I Had a Dollar…

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me about my blended family, I would have had a really nice pair of shoes.

Shoe Obsession: Women and Their Shoes

It never seems to fail that when our Famtourage is out and about, someone will come over to inquire about our crazy crew. This was especially true in the beginning when the boys were very young and the soccer fields took over our lives most every weekend.

The four of us parents would be sitting there cheering them on and of course as kids do, the siblings would come up and ask about snacks, the bathroom etc. and others would overhear our conversations and try to figure us out on their own.

‘At some point they would figure out that we were ex’s hanging out together…’

At some point they would figure out that we were ex’s hanging out together, curiosity would get the best of them, and they would have to come ask questions or want an explanation as to how we all got along so well.

Some of our Clan at one of Je’s football games.

At one such game about 18 years ago, a woman was so bold that she walked over with her portable chair, plunked it down right in front of me and said “Please explain this to me. Are you really here with your husband, your ex-husband and his wife?!” After filling her in on our family configuration she said “Ya’ll should be on the Oprah Winfrey show.” Maybe we should 🙂

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